The Genius Car Seat Accessory That Solves Every Parent's Worst Fear

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Earlier this month a Massachusetts father called 911 after accidentally leaving his baby in the car, and just last year, a mom advocated for more technological safeguards after her son died of hyperthermia in his car seat. Now, five students from Rice University have come up with a solution to prevent any parent from ever forgetting their child in a hot car.

The invention, Infant SOS, is an accessory that fits around any standard car seat and can send text alerts to a parent's phone when it senses the child is in danger. Infant SOS can also play sound alerts and is even equipped with a cooling system to keep a child from suffering a heatstroke in the vehicle, which can happen at 104ºF, until help arrives.

The students' creation could potentially save a child's life one day. Shocking statistics show, on average, 38 children die from heat-related car deaths each year. "It works out to about a child every two to three days." said Audrey Clayton, one of the creators of Infant SOS. "Our hope is that our device can prevent this from happening."