The Truly Incredible Thing That Happens When Siblings Witness Childbirth

Even though some mothers are hesitant to allow anyone in the delivery room — let alone their small children — others encourage their first born to be involved in the birthing processes. And while some are weary about a small child's reaction to witnessing the miracle of life, these tiny human beings might just surprise you.

Monet Nicole, an experienced birth photographer, happens to love when older siblings are present during childbirth and says that in her experience, most do remarkably well. In fact, she told POPSUGAR that they tend to deal with the situation better than adults!

Instead of getting grossed out or in the way — which are common fears amongst parents — these incredible older-siblings-to-be were focused on soothing their moms and quietly taking in the astounding situation. For many children, witnessing the birth of their sibling is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and these exceptional photos capture exactly how meaningful and impactful this experience can be.