Chris Pratt Let His Son Swear on a Fishing Trip, and Wow, He Really Went For It

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Chris Pratt generally has a no-swearing policy for his 5-year-old son Jack — that is, unless they're out fishing. The Jurassic World actor recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show and shared an incredible anecdote about what happened when he let his son bend the rules a little.

Chris and Jack recently went fishing for bass at a lake by the actor's farm in Washington. Enter: the rule. "I had this rule with my old man, and I have it with my son, which is: when you're fishing, you can swear. You can just swear when you're fishing," Chris said. "It's just the guys. Go ahead and let loose."

After successfully catching a fish, Jack was holding it up for a photo before letting it go, when the fish flopped out of his hands and poked him with its fin. As the tears began rolling, Jack warned Chris, "Dad, I'm about to swear." Adding, "That bass . . . that bass is stupid."

Perhaps surprised by his son's mild-mannered response, Chris asked him if he felt better and said, "Alright, buddy. Yeah, now is the time. Get it out." To which Jack replied, "That stupid bass is a f*cking pussy." Jack really went for it, huh? Watch Chris retell the hilarious story above.