All the Times Chrissy Teigen Was Most Relatable to Breastfeeding Moms

Although Chrissy Teigen keeps us laughing every day with her relatable parenting comments, there's one part of motherhood we most love hearing her thoughts on: breastfeeding. Back when Luna was born, everything Chrissy had to say about breastfeeding and pumping was so relatable, we couldn't get enough of her commentary, and now that Miles has arrived, we're back to being involved in Chrissy's nursing chronicles.

From pumping mishaps to describing herself as a "walking boob," these are our favorite moments she shared with us.


When she fell asleep with her breast pump on.


When she rode Splash Mountain with full boobs.


When she tried to keep up a healthy beach glow while "boobing."


When she was too busy to do much of anything because of Luna's milk needs.


When she threw shade to a man watching her breastfeed (in Fergie's "M.I.L.F. $" music video).


When she compared her pre- and postbreastfeeding lives.


When she took a pumping break on the way to date night.

When she multitasked in the nude.
Instagram | chrissyteigen

When she multitasked in the nude.

A breastfeeding mama's gotta do what a breastfeeding mama's gotta do, amirite?