Chrissy Teigen Can't Find Clothes That Fit Her "Nugget" Baby, So Screw It — She's Learning to Sew

Chrissy Teigen is quickly learning just how important those last few weeks of pregnancy can be for a baby — it's when they do some of their best growing. Because Miles, who was born on May 17, was three weeks premature and clocked in on the scale at just four pounds, five ounces, Chrissy is struggling to find clothes that will fit his tiny frame — and other moms are totally commiserating with her.

"Nothing fits my teenie premie," the mom of two wrote on Twitter. "Not enough stuff out there! I gotta learn to sew. Miles is tired of your body shaming, society!"

Several Twitter users commented swiftly, sharing that they had the same struggle with their small babies, preemies or not.

Other users offered up baby clothes boutiques and Etsy shops that might fit her needs, but the best comment came from another mom whose baby was three weeks early. And her casually hilarious tweet proves another point altogether — each woman's pregnancy is completely unique.