Chrissy Teigen Falling Into a Ball Pit While Clutching Her Breasts Is the Official Meme of Motherhood

The internet is filled with pitch-perfect parenting memes that make me feel part of some universal human experience, and this week, Chrissy Teigen decided to usurp all those funny tweets and relatable quotes with a five-second video that perfectly explains, nay, defines what it is to be a mom.

In an Instagram video posted Thursday, the mom-of-two can be seen perched atop a ride-along toy at the tip-top of a ball pit slide. Just as she confidently pushes off, things go awry, and she immediately covers her chest to keep her low-cut jumpsuit from exposing a bit too much on the way down.

She captioned the short but powerful post, "Whoopsie daisy," and adding to its amazingness is the fact that her husband, John Legend, can be heard laughing from behind the camera.

"I loved that the first thing you did was save the 'girls,'" a commenter wrote. Another correctly stated, "I think it gets funnier the more you watch it."

For me, however, the more times I view the five-second video, the more I see it as the perfect metaphor for motherhood. Things start out so promising, and yet we all end up at the bottom of a ball pit clutching our last shred of dignity.