Chrissy Teigen Was Totally Up Front About Having "Help and a Half" With Miles and Luna

Chrissy Teigen isn't afraid to be open and honest about the struggles of being a mom, which is why she was totally up front when a Twitter follower asked how she managed to work while pregnant and newly postpartum. "Girl I have HELP and a half. That's it," Chrissy replied. "There is no way I could have done it without it. I'm so lucky to have it and I don't know how anyone else does it. I have so much respect for all of you."

A mom to 3-year-old Luna and 1-year-old Miles, Chrissy candidly admitted she needs help to balance her work schedule with her personal schedule, a sentiment which many moms appreciated. "I don't care if you have billions of dollars or you're a single mom, just admit that you need help because it takes a village to raise a tiny human," one user replied.

From releasing a stylish sunglasses collection to hosting her own court show and cooking series, Chrissy is beyond busy, so it's definitely refreshing to see her call attention to the fact that all moms deserve help when it comes to raising a family. See Chrissy's full Twitter conversation ahead.