How Is It Possible That Every Picture Chrissy Teigen Posts of Miles Is Cuter Than the Last?

I've never fallen so hard for a little baby the way I have for Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's son, Miles (and my own child, of course). While Luna is certainly an adorable young woman with a booming personality, there's something so sweet about Miles's smile, which he's always flashing, that makes me hit "like" every time Chrissy posts a photo of him. Just yesterday she shared a picture of his 14-month-old milestone card, and it's filled with all sorts of likes and dislikes, the most important of which are that Miles likes baby back ribs, but do not give him any quinoa.

Here are our favorite Miles moments of the month.

Miles is not interested in your scrambled eggs!

... but he will take some ribs!

<em>Mom, you're embarrassing me!</em>

He looks just like John here.

Cutest pony tail ever.

Trying to respond to his fans.