Chrissy Teigen Wrote the Gushiest Photo Caption About Miles, and It’s Basically a Love Letter to John

Because of our job and the celebrities we cover, we spend a considerable amount of time looking at Chrissy Teigen's adorable family on Instagram. And while her two children Luna and Miles regularly steal our attention and make it hard to focus on much else, it's pretty remarkable how much Miles is growing up to look like his dad, John Legend. And it's no surprise that Chrissy thinks so, too. But not in just a casual "hey, my son looks like my husband" way; she's deeply affected by the resemblance. So much so that she just wrote the gushiest thing ever on Instagram about the two men in her life.

"It's like someone took my husband, the love of my life, and extended my time with him by giving me his baby years too. Is that weird? That's weird."

We don't think it's weird, Chrissy. In fact, it's a beautiful way to think about family.