Chrissy Teigen Says THIS Toy Will Be the Key to Luna Understanding She's Becoming a Big Sister

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Chrissy Teigen is fewer than two months away from welcoming her baby boy, and while she and hubby John Legend couldn't be more excited to bring their baby home, there's one family member who hasn't *quite* adjusted to the news — and that's 2-year-old Luna. It's always difficult for a child to understand that they're getting a younger sibling, but during an appearance on Today, Chrissy shared her perfect preparation tactic.

She explained that even though Luna may be a little young to understand "what's going on," she does rub mommy's tummy and say "baby" a lot. And like many toddlers, Luna is obsessed with dolls and has tons of her own, which she's always burping and changing, "but the day we have baby boy, she's going to receive her own little baby boy to take care of at the same time," Chrissy explained. "I hear that's a good thing for them to do, so we're going to try it!"

As much as the hilarious mom loves food, sadly, the rumors that she'll be naming their son after something delicious are false. Watch the video above to find out how Chrissy and John are getting ready for baby number two, what she always keeps in her diaper bag, Luna's favorite snacks, and so much more.