Chrissy Teigen Cries When She Reads The Giving Tree to Her Kids, and Honestly, Same

Between the adorable babies, delicious food, and free at-home musical performances, we already want to live inside of Chrissy Teigen's Instagram account (not to mention her gorgeous house), but one of her most recent photos featuring Luna, Miles, and a classic children's book has us dreaming we were part of the Stephens family even more than usual.

As a mom of two, Chrissy is definitely no stranger to story time, so it appears as though she and her kiddos have made quite the cozy reading nook for themselves. In the photo, Chrissy and her kids can be seen snuggling up to each other surrounded by blankets and stuffed animals (as well as a rogue ukulele and a naked Ken doll) while reading beloved kids' book The Giving Tree.

The book, written by Shel Silverstein, is a moving tale of unconditional love and the give-and-take dynamic of relationships, and, dear reader, it's an emotional one. And Chrissy knows it, as evidenced by her facial expression in the photo. "Saddest children's book known to man," she captioned her sweet snap. "Luna calls it mommy's crying story."

LOL. If that ain't relatable.