Ciara's Mid-Ultrasound FaceTime With Her Husband Sheds Light on the Challenges of Pregnancy Today

Pregnancy during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic presents an array of unique challenges, as Ciara and Russell Wilson are experiencing. The couple recently revealed they are expecting a baby boy, and on April 15, Ciara shared exactly how they're abiding by precautions to keep their family and their healthcare workers safe.

Doctor appointments and ultrasounds are still necessary, but now they're treated with extra care. In an Instagram video, Ciara shared a clip from an appointment where she had to FaceTime Russell while he waited in the car. She wore a protective mask, as did her OB and nurses. "The life of a pregnant woman in Covid-19 Era is very interesting . . . " she wrote in the video's caption. "We don't hear [too] much about US during this time."

Ciara's vulnerability in the clip opened up the door for many other parents to come together in the comments. In the spirit of community, she will also be hosting an Instagram Live stream with her doctor to talk about pregnancy and answer questions. Watch the powerful clip below for an example of the often-overlooked sacrifices pregnant moms are making in this climate.