This Parody of a Principal Sharing His, Uh, Creative Solutions to Reopening School Will Make Parents Laugh Through Tears

If you have quietly (or not so quietly, let's be honest) cursed your child's school administrators under your breath for all the horrible options they've presented to you in advance of back-to-school season, this hilarious video may be the comic relief you need right about now.

In the clip, comedian Matt Buechele pretends to be the "principal of a school that's definitely opening" as he outlines his, uh, creative solutions to keeping kids safe in the classroom. And trust us when we say he's thought of everything, from how to navigate school lunches ("we're going to give every kid 180 Uncrustables at the beginning of the year, and however you use 'em is how you use 'em, uh, just go with God") to teacher absences to alternatives to traditional busses.

"This is definitely going to work," he concluded. "We'll see you in September and, uh, probably just September."

Enjoy, and, you know, maybe go easy on your kid's principal. They're doing their best, and most of them don't even have open-air golf carts in their 2020 budget!