How 1 Mom Is Helping Others See That There's No Such Thing as "Failing at Breastfeeding"

There are pro's and cons to breast and bottle feeding, breast- you don't have to make or wash anything, formula- you can...

Posted by Constance Hall on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

"Don't ever consider yourself failing at breast feeding. Queens don't fail. Some continue, some change their minds, some never wanted to, and some have no choice. But none of them fail." Constance Hall is no stranger to making bold statements on the Internet — she openly talked about "parent sex" and embracing the struggles of motherhood on Facebook — so it comes as no surprise that her latest post is a continuation of her reign as a totally badass mom.

In the post, Constance touches on the pros and cons of breastfeeding and bottle feeding, her perceptions of breastfeeding before having her first child — "They suckle, you stroke their hair, your own hair's blow-dried, and a glowing smile resides on your face" — and how breastfeeding actually turned out for her. ". . . Crying through the pain of bleeding, cracked nipples being sucked on innocently by a baby who was actually causing me unthinkable agony. A sweaty dread locked ponytail and a mild stench of sour milk, it wasn't pretty," she wrote.

However, her post goes on to wrap up as less of a personal rant and more of an empowering nod to all mamas, regardless of the way they choose to feed their babies: "Baby is fed? Queenie's a success." Read her entire post above.