You'll Never Guess the Simple Household Items Used to Create These Amazing Baby Photos

Marta Rojnic

It happens to all new parents: just when your baby falls asleep, you could use the quiet break to do a million other things, but instead, you find yourself staring, wide-eyed, at your precious newborn.

That's what happened when Marta Rojnic brought her infant son, Marko, home for the first time.

"When my baby was born and we arrived home, my son spent most of his time sleeping," she told us. "We were so fascinated by our little prince that we've spent our time just watching him sleep. I couldn't help but wonder what could such a tiny baby dream about."

She was so curious that she asked her son's pediatrician, and the answer she got shocked her. "The doctor replied, 'Nothing!'" she said. "I just couldn't agree with that due to so much facial expressions my baby made while asleep! So my son and I decided to prove them wrong."

That's when she began creating different dreamlike scenes around her sleeping boy simply by using whatever materials — from blankets and towels to gloves and rolled-up clothes — she could find around the house. In no time, little Marko spent his naps fishing for stars, riding a unicorn, and flying through a breezy hot-air balloon ride.

Each adventure — Marta photographed more than 50 creations — might have only been a dream in one baby's head, but his mom made it a reality.