20 Moms to Follow on Instagram For Major Lunchbox Inspiration

Once school's back in session, packing your kids' lunch can seem fun for, oh, about the first three days. After that, it's easy to fall into the rut of packing the same foods week after week. Who even has the time to find more than three or four healthy foods your kids want to eat? We'll tell you who: these 20 rock star Instagram moms. Trust us, if they can find the time to make these palate-pleasing meals, you can, too! The only thing you may be lacking is a little inspiration. Don't worry, they've totally got you covered in that department.



Yummytoddlerfood's feed is packed with simple, healthy lunch ideas for your preschool-age kids and advice on how to get them to actually eat said healthy foods.



All of the lunches you'll find from ummbox are vegetarian, nut-free, and served up in these adorable Yumbox lunchboxes.



The focus over at real.life.lunch is fresh food (think: lots of fruits and veggies) and loads of variety. She has two kids, so you'll get to see lunches for little kids and not-so-little kids.



If your mini-foodie has a more refined palette, weelicious has you covered with exotic produce and homemade treats. When the kiddos come home famished after school, her smoothie recipes are to die for, too!



If you pride yourself on putting together museum-worthy lunchboxes, go follow heather_kidskitchen. She shares the most adorable lunch ideas, including these cookies with inspirational messages baked right in.



Thedailylunchboxspot shares everything from leftovers to roasted veggies to gnocchi (yes, gnocchi). If your little learner rolls their eyes at plain peanut butter and jelly, she'll give you plenty of alternatives to add to your lunch rotation.



Not only are her lunches gorgeous and colorful, lalalunchbox shares practical tips for packing your kids' lunchbox and getting them out the door on time. Meal prep for the win!



Do you ever find yourself packing the same lunches over and over (and over) again? Whatmykideats will give you tons of fresh, home-cooked options like cream cheese roll-ups and cauliflower fritters.



If you're packing lunch for your child and for yourself, goodiegoodielunchbox has lunches you'll both love. Packing for two (or more) is a lot faster when you can both eat the same foods.



There's a reason that the meals kidlunchbox prepares look like chef-prepared meals . . . because they are. She is a plant-based chef who takes lunch time to the next level.



Landryslunches knows how to up the cuteness factor in her kids' lunches. Her feed will totally inspire you to include a hand-written note or dinosaur-shaped sandwich in your little one's next meal.



Even though her child isn't quite ready for school, zaynesplate makes some toddler-friendly lunches that even older kids will want to gobble up!



If you could use a healthy dose of reality with your healthy lunch, go follow kids.eat.in.color immediately. Along with each meal she shares, she provides helpful tips on things like getting your kid to at least try their veggies, and adding more protein to their lunch.



The handle lunchboxmafia alone is enough to deserve your attention, but her lunches really are legit. She's the mom of a fourth grader, so you'll really appreciate her if your kids are a little older.



Veggiesandvirtue is the mom of two (soon to be three) kids and a pediatric dietitian, so she knows her stuff when it comes to healthy lunches. Her lunches show a balanced, real-life approach to feeding kids.



If you like the idea of bento lunches but aren't sure what to fill them with, lilaslunchbox always has lots of variety and even a little fun.



If you can't get enough bright, colorful lunches, littlekiwilunchbox will make your kids' eyes and bellies happy.



Moderndaybrownmom proves that kids don't need a separate menu. Her lunches include sushi, pasta, and bulgar wheat salads that any kid would be lucky to find in their lunchbox.



Hailing from Australia, theveryhungrymummy packs the prerequisite berries and carrots, but also unexpected foods like cottage cheese and avocado dip, tuna rice balls, and homemade custard.



Noshandnourish's lunches have the most adorable themes, like celebrating each letter of the alphabet with only foods that begin with that letter. We wonder what she will do for "z"?