This Dad's Facebook Post Reminds Men to "Respect the Mother of Your Child"

I sometimes don't give this woman the credit she is due, when I come from work she is always "tired" now it's me who has...

Posted by Tony Emms on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Stay-at-home moms don't always get the recognition that they deserve — especially in their own households. But one father is realizing just how much his fiancée does and took to Facebook to show his appreciation.

In the post, accompanied by a photo of Charlotte sleeping with their child, Tony writes about how he didn't give her the credit that she's due. "When I come from work she is always 'tired.' Now it's me who has been at work doing stuff all day, but lately I've been thinking what this amazing woman does while I'm out . . . surely she just sits with the baby and watches TV and has a chilled day right? NO is the answer."

Tony went on to point out an important fact that is true for many mothers: When the baby is hungry, he gets fed while Charlotte skips a meal. When the baby is sleepy, he goes down for a nap while his tired fiancée cleans.

"Baby wakes up and is hungry, mummy hasn't had breakfast but she still doesn't eat. She gets baby set for his lunch. After his lunch, he then wants attention and plays . . . remember mummy still hasn't eaten . . . all the cleaning she'd done earlier is now time wasted as baby's toys are everywhere," Tony explained.

Even though Tony is also putting in a ton of effort at work and returns home drained, he wants others to realize that this doesn't negate the exhaustion that Charlotte feels from all that she does.

"Respect the mother of your child. She is a special type of human that has given up everything to bring up your baby," Tony wrote. "I truly love my two sleeping babies and they both deserve their rest."