Dad Says the Same Words to His Kid Every Day, She Writes It All Down in Tearjerking Note

I could have been walking down the driveway to grab the mail, and my dad would still say what he always says to me when I leave him: "Always be aware of your surroundings. I love you." Though it's been a long time since my dad and I have shared a driveway, he still ends our phone calls, text conversations, and real-life hangouts with the same two sentences — it's just something he's always done and something that will always stick with me.

Turns out, he may not be the only dad who values a repetitive send-off. In a photo posted to Imgur, a father shared a note written in his 8-year-old daughter's handwriting that read, "Dad says: work hard, smile, be nice, be weird, have a great day, don't forget you're awesome!" It's a variation of the words he says to her every morning when he drops her at school in order to impart some valuable life lessons. She wrote it all down as a reminder for herself.

"I don't know if my approach will work, but it's great to see some of these lessons sinking in. If she can absorb even a few of these then she'll be heading in the right direction," he wrote. "And that makes me smile. Big." Read the rest of the thoughtful post above.