1 Man Made Hilarious Headstones For Halloween, and They Define Peak Dad

Michael Fry, a father from New York, knows how to do Halloween decorations right, judging by his front lawn. The 39-year-old dad created a "graveyard" with his oldest daughter, Eily, for all of the trends that died in 2017 — and the tombstones are pretty spot-on.

"I wanted to put something on them that wasn't necessarily of people, and I didn't want it to be too left or too right or offensive in any way," he said in an interview with ABC News. His lawn decor paid tribute to fads like dabbing, making slime, and ombré hair alongside more serious topics like Payless Shoes, which filed for bankruptcy this year, and Trumpcare. But his headstones for "The Old Taylor Swift" and normal seasons take the cake from a creativity standpoint.

"Things from that year that have either died, or are dying or are no longer fashionable or no longer hip," he explained. "Being a teacher, I get input from my students and friends and family members, and it's become a collaborative effort. I just hope everybody thinks it's fun."

Mostly, though, he wants to lighten the mood: "I put humor in all of my work. I try to take some of the edge off Halloween. It's always scary and creepy and crazy, but I try to make it fun and funny for the young kids in the neighborhood."