This Man’s “Hack” For Eating Spaghetti Is the Most Dad Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Samanda Blanchard says there are "no dull moments" when her "crazy" dad is around, and well, after watching him cut forkfuls of innocent spaghetti with a scissor for 29 seconds, I guess I get where she's coming from. In a video posted to Facebook that's gone completely viral, Samantha's dad can be seen scooping up his steaming-hot spaghetti with the fork in his left hand, but rather than swirl it onto his utensil, he attacks the scraggly strands with the scissor in his right hand and pops each bite into his mouth. Is it more efficient? Maybe. But all I know is that my Sicilian grandmother would be SHOOK (thank goodness she doesn't know how to work a computer). See the hilarious video above.