And the Winner For Worst Husband of the Year Goes To . . .

There are a lot of schmucks in this world — I'm looking at you, non-child-support-paying dads and cheating spouses — but we may have just found the worst of them all. If a post on Craigslist's Jacksonville, NC, "missed connections" board is to be believed, a new dad — as in a man who is only a few hours into it! — is seeking out the hot nurse who helped deliver his baby. Yup, you read that right. The anonymous dad posted:

This is probably a long shot but you were the nurse taking care of my wife while she was having our baby. I enjoyed our eye contact and would really like to talk to you more. Maybe tomorrow I will be there most of the day and I will bump in to you in the hall way or see you at the nurse station.

The word "schmuck" is defined as "a stupid or foolish person," but Merriam-Webster says it is also a substitute for the word "jerk." Yeah, if the ad is to be believed, and it isn't an Internet prank, we think this dad should serve as the new definition of the word. Don't you?