This Dad Interviewed His Daughter on the First Day of School For 13 Years Straight, and I'm Melting

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Kevin Scruggs, a father from Washington, is going viral for the heart-warming video compilation he made using the first day of school interviews he's conducted with his daughter Madison over the past 13 years. Starting in kindergarten, Kevin sat Madison down and asked her questions after school, like if she enjoyed school that day, if she was assigned any homework, and what she was excited for looking forward. Now that Madison is ready to graduate high school, Kevin combined all of the sweet interviews into one video as a gift to his daughter, and the results will bring a tear to anyone's eye.

"I thought it would be cool when they graduate to see their whole career in one short clip," Kevin told Good Morning America of the videos he's created for both of his daughters. "I wanted to have something to remember." Madison agreed that seeing how much she developed was particularly rewarding. "It was [also] cool to see my personality change," she said. "I'm really appreciative of how much time my dad put into it, how much he loves us and how much he and my mom do for us."

Kevin made a similar video for his now 20-year-old daughter, Mackenzie, back in 2017, which has racked up more than two million views on YouTube over the past two years. Watch until the end to see how much Madison has grown as a person.