Dad Re-creates Harry Potter's Cupboard Under the Stairs For His Sons, the Luckiest Kids Ever

As soon as Peter Fragola moved into his new house, he noticed the storage space under the stairs. Being an avid Harry Potter fan, the dad and elementary school principal immediately knew that he was going to turn the cupboard into a place for his kids to hang out in — though, unlike the cupboard of Harry's childhood, this one was going to be awesome.

Every night for two weeks, after his sons Jackson and Oliver went to sleep, Peter worked on the cupboard. He painted the underside of the stairs Gryffindor maroon and added notable quotes from the series; made a collage out of Daily Prophet pages and Umbridge's proclamations on one wall, and added Diagon Alley-style bricks and a window to the other wall; and decorated with a few Harry Potter-themed knick-knacks: a Gryffindor scarf, a stuffed Hedwig, "as Professor Lockhart would say, a troublesome Cornish Pixie," and of course, a copy of The Sorcerer's Stone.

The dad posted before and after photos of the project to both his blog and Facebook page, announcing that Ollie and Jax could start learning about the characters now and reading the book series soon. See all of the before and after photos of these lucky boys' new reading nook ahead.