This Dad Just Got Called Out By His Wife — And Is Hilariously Pleading Ignorance

One dad's hilarious text exchange with his wife proves that he's still on the baby learning curve, especially when it comes to infant attire.

Jeremy was tasked with getting his baby dressed and dropped off for daycare. What might seem like a job well done to some (clueless) new dads left Olivia's mom surprised and confused when she saw her baby shirtless at daycare. Jeremy's wife, Imgur user Laureeadeline, decided to double-check to see if Olivia's lack of shirt was intentional or just an oversight. The text message conversation that ensued is something that every new mom and dad can relate to.

While Jeremy might not know what overalls are or that you typically wear a shirt under them, he does recognize one important thing: "I gotta plead ignorance here."