This Husband's Simple and Supportive Text to His Breastfeeding Wife Brought Her to Tears

We hear it all the time from new dads: "I wish there was more I could do to help with the baby, but my wife breastfeeds." And while we appreciate the sentiment, we have seen enough resourceful partners stepping up to do their fair share. The latest example comes from Toby Darnielle, who sent his wife, Ashley, a text message that every breastfeeding mom would appreciate seeing on their iPhone during an early-morning (or late-night . . . or heck, even a midafternoon) nursing session.

He doesn't necessarily write anything we didn't already know, but to acknowledge to the mother of his children that she is, in fact, making a sacrifice and that she's an "amazing mommy" is hands-down amazing.

"He knew I needed to hear this," Ashley wrote in a post on the popular Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page. We all did, Toby!