A Creative Dad Used Fisher-Price Toys to Make a Music Video For Schitt's Creek's "A Little Bit Alexis"

Todd Cameron, a dad from Canada who clearly has an ungodly amount of patience, recently gave Schitt's Creek the tribute it deserved by creating a stop-motion music video for the iconic song "A Little Bit Alexis" using vintage Fisher-Price toys. And to say it took a painstaking amount of work would definitely be an understatement.

"So I've been off work for quarantine and my wife suggested that I should start a TikTok account to put up some of my various creative projects and videos," Todd told POPSUGAR. "I started one and noticed that a lot of people were loving on Schitt's Creek and, in particular, were re-creating the 'A Little Bit Alexis' dance. Now, I'm about as big of a fan of this song since it came out and play it all the time at home."

Honestly, we can't blame Todd. The song is so damn catchy! "I really wanted to pay homage to that song and scene and to Schitt's Creek in general because it is my absolute favorite show," he explained. "I thought I would try something with stop-motion, with which I had just recently begun experimenting."

Given Todd's extensive collection of Fisher-Price toys, he figured he'd use the pieces in each scene. "I decided on using my Fisher-Price collection because of the universal love people have for those toys and how we don't often see them in adult situations," he said.

After posting his finished masterpiece on Twitter, Todd woke up one morning and noticed a lot of activity on his account. It turns out that both Dan Levy and Annie Murphy shared the video, and absolutely loved it. Annie retweeted the video, writing, "More like Fisher Priiiiiiiiii can't believe how friggin cool this is!!!"

Watch until the end if you're OK with having the "la la la la la la la" part stuck in your head all day!