This Chilling Video Featuring a Shirtless David Beckham Seeks to Bring Awareness to Child Abuse

"I chose the marks on my body but millions of children bear marks they have not chosen."

David Beckham, whose many tattoos are recognizable to most, shared a video to Instagram that uses his famed body in a way that is going to give you all-over chills. The powerful 60-second clip features a number of animated scenes within tattoos on Beckham's shirtless body illustrating various forms of child abuse to the sound of a haunting rendition of "Rock-a-bye Baby."

The creative video is in collaboration with the children's charity UNICEF — which Beckham has been a Goodwill Ambassador for since 2005 — and seeks to help end all child abuse and violence by shining light on the subject and encouraging everyone to speak out against it.

"Violence can mark children forever," Beckham wrote. "I've met children with UNICEF who have been affected by terrible violence and abuse and seen the long-lasting scars it can leave. . . . Please share this film to help #ENDviolence #foreverychild. It's wrong. End it."