You Won't Believe This Family's "Dangerous" Photos Aren't Photoshopped

Taking one look at Ania Waluda's photos of her and her kids, you'd have to believe that Photoshop was used in some capacity to make the family appear as though they're defying gravity. In the photos, Ania and her little ones look like they're flying high, jumping over each other, supporting themselves in one-handed handstands, and executing several acrobatic positions. However, the whole shoot was accomplished by them lying down on a bed made to look like a white wall and sitting against the actual wall, which looks just like a wood floor.

This isn't the first photo shoot of its kind we've seen from this photographer mom (and her partner, Michal Zawer), as they created a similar shoot two years ago with their daughter, Emilia, when she was a newborn. Now that Emilia and her older brother, Lenny, are toddlers, they tend to do what all toddlers do — get into trouble jumping off things pretending they can fly and climbing up onto high pieces furniture.

"We've spent a lot of time explaining our children that they have no real wings and it's dangerous to jump from any high furniture but of course they still keep forgetting," Michal and Ania explained in a post to Bored Panda. "One day we realized that we would say things like 'Don't do that!' 'You might hurt yourself!' 'That's really dangerous,' way too often. We were really tempted to let our kids do all those risky things without worrying that they might hurt themselves. And so we did it. We created a shoot where together with the kids, we were safely lying on our bed. The kids were having fun because it was a new adventure for them and we were really happy that they wanted to get involved in our project."

Now Emilia and Lenny are able to see themselves defying the laws of physics through the photos and can channel their "risky" energy into the photo shoots, rather than creating actually dangerous situations around the house. It's a win-win, which their parents are totally psyched about. "Sometimes it is enough to get a little bit creative to be able to do impossible things and make everyone happy!" they wrote.

Scroll through to see some of the amazing photos, and check out Ania and Michal's blog for more.