Derek Jeter's Daughters Made a Rare Appearance in His Hall of Fame Video, and "Yay, Daddy!"

Whether you're a Yankees fan or not, there's no denying that Derek Jeter was one of the greatest players to ever wear the pinstripe uniform — but now, he's number one dad to two girls, who we got a rare look at this week. On Jan. 21, The Captain — as he's been affectionately called by fans for years — got the news that he's being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this year, and no one was happier for him than his family. In a video shared by The Players' Tribune with the caption, "The Call: A phone call 25 years in the making," we get a look at the moment Derek found out the good news.

In the seconds leading up to the big announcement he received via phone call, we see Derek watching clips of his performances over the the course of his career on the MLB Network. His wife, Hannah, then cuts into the shot with their daughters, 2-year-old Bella and 1-year-old Story, before we hear Bella utter the most adorable "Yay, Daddy!" that's ever graced our ears in response to seeing him run the bases on TV.

Watch until the end to see Derek get the news and celebrate with the people he loves the most: his family, and more specifically, his adorable daughters.