The Trailer For the Live-Action Pokémon Movie Will Thrill Both '90s and Today's Kids

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Get ready, Pokémon-lovers of all ages: the first ever live-action film featuring the Pokémon you know and love is coming to theaters in May 2019. Detective Pikachu takes place in Ryme City, a metropolis in which humans and Pokémon live side by side, and tells the story of 21-year-old named Tim, whose father Harry, a private eye, goes missing. In the film based on a video game of the same name, Tim teams up with Pikachu, a detective and Harry's former partner, to search for his father — but there's a catch: the hilarious and adorable Pikachu, who normally only says his own name, can actually be understood by Tim (he's voiced by Ryan Reynolds!).

We're already so excited for this movie! Check out the trailer above, mark your calendars for a movie date with your older kids and teens on May 10, and while you're at it, check out the other family movies coming out in 2019.