Why Having Kids Didn't "Preoccupy" Diane Kruger For the Longest Time

Although 42-year-old Diane Kruger wasn't always sold on the concept of having kids, she recently opened up about how her daughter — whose name hasn't been revealed yet — came at the right time for her and her boyfriend, Norman Reedus.

"For a long time, the desire for a child didn't preoccupy me," said Diane. "I had my ways. I was fine without one. In short, I didn't feel absolutely ready. Life ensured my daughter arrived at the right time. It was a surprise, and she is beautiful."

Now, the mom is taking the time she needs to enjoy her little one as much as possible because, hey, her priorities have changed since giving birth.

"I worked during my pregnancy and when I finally stopped, I felt serenity," she said. "I didn't feel silly missing a role. Today, only my daughter counts. Not sleeping for 24 hours doesn't matter to me, traveling with suitcases and suitcases and more suitcases doesn't bother me at all because for the moment, she is well. I've chosen to give myself a break of six months to enjoy her."