16 Hysterical Differences Between the Beginning and End of Summer With Kids

Despite both parents and kids counting down to the official start of Summer, having your kiddos out of the classroom can grow old — fast. Even though many parents kick off vacation with high hopes for the best Summer ever, they can easily catch themselves eagerly anticipating the first day of the school year after just a couple months or weeks. While the break usually starts out all smiles and Instagram-worthy barbecues, it often ends with bored kiddos, misplaced bucket lists, and empty homework packets. Check out these 16 hysterical differences between the start and end of Summer with kids that all parents go through.


Beginning of Summer: You're leading the charge for the Summer break countdown.

End of Summer: You're secretly counting down the seconds until they go back to school.


Beginning of Summer: You're prepared with alternative ideas in case they get bored.

End of Summer: You're sick of the complaints and let them figure it out for themselves.


Beginning of Summer: You have a game plan and schedule to prevent them from forgetting everything they learned.

End of Summer: You're happy if they completed the first page of the Summer packet before August.


Beginning of Summer: You have high expectations for Summer rules.

End of Summer: You resolve to stick to the basics.


Beginning of Summer: Every occasion is the perfect opportunity to make a fresh fruit, Pinterest-inspired popsicle.

End of Summer: Whatever is cold and available at the time works.


Beginning of Summer: You craft a bucket list filled with everything your family wants to (and is going to!) do this Summer.

End of Summer: You can't remember where you put the list, let alone what was on it or if you even filled it out.


Beginning of Summer: You plan every detail of memorable family outings, down to the perfect outfits.

End of Summer: You consider it a major win if you make it out of the house.


Beginning of Summer: You're going to make your kiddos all about fresh fruits and healthy treats this year.

End of Summer: A little sugar never hurt anyone, right?


Beginning of Summer: You invest in the cutest Summer outfits and accessories.

End of Summer: If it isn't stained or outgrown already, it's most likely broken.


Beginning of Summer: You're going to make a point to unplug and relax.

End of Summer: Easier said than done when you have a child running around.


Beginning of Summer: It's all about the perfect cookout with an Instagram-worthy menu.

End of Summer: Pizza works too.


Beginning of Summer: You've researched exciting activities to keep them entertained in case of rain.

End of Summer: Whatever keeps them quiet works.


Beginning of Summer: There's nothing better than mud pies and playing outdoors.

End of Summer: You're sick of the dirt and your child being borderline disgusting.

End of Summer: Thank goodness for technology; it's the only thing keeping you from losing your mind in this cramped vehicle.


Beginning of Summer: There's nothing more exciting than splashing in the pool.

End of Summer: They are so over the chlorine and are only momentarily entertained if you're in the water playing with them.


Beginning of Summer: You are so over the school dropoff routine and are looking forward to a break.

End of Summer: You've never been so excited to get them out the door and say goodbye!