Disney Is Already Selling Mouse Ear Hat Ornaments and We're Fast-Forwarding to December

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With so much attention surrounding mindfulness and the importance of being in the moment, we often find ourselves needing to take a time out from all of that "today"-ing. Letting the mind wander elsewhere — perhaps way into the future when we've, you know, lost those last few pounds due to our keto eating plan and knack for meal planning — can sometimes be a lot of fun, especially when the place you've let your mind run toward is the holidays. That is exactly where we landed this afternoon when we saw these Mickey Mouse Ear Hat ornaments on a Disney fan's Instagram account. The park is already stocking them for the year, and we can't wait to get our hands on them. Check 'em out, plus a few other options.

Baby's First Christmas Ear Hat Ornament

Baby's First Christmas Ear Hat Ornament

Dumbo will help you celebrate your new baby with the Baby's First Christmas Ear Hat Ornament ($25).