DIY a Baymax Costume For Your Big Hero 6 Lover

The following post was originally featured on All For the Boys and written by Allison Waken, who is part of POPSUGAR Select Moms.

80+ blog buddies and I got together to bring you 80+ DIY Halloween costumes, including this DIY Baymax Costume (2 different ways)! I'm teaming up with Jamie Dorobek and her handmade Halloween costume site, Really Awesome Costumes, to bring you all kinds of easy DIY Halloween costume ideas.

Along with our Baymax costume, I'm sharing 88+ more really awesome handmade costume ideas from talented bloggers everywhere!

We often make fun costumes using solid t-shirts, shorts/pants, paper, and duct tape. I love combining these materials to get lots of different looks!

For suited-up Baymax, you'll need a red shirt, pants/shorts, purple duct tape, red paper, white paper, elastic string, and a black marker. For the shirt "plate," I covered a self-healing mat with duct tape (I LOVE using these mats to cut duct tape because you can stick it on and it comes right back off).

Using a ruler and craft knife, trim to shape.

Peel off and stick to the shirt.

For the mask, you could go quite a few directions. We decided to use a paper mask and used this template from Happy Thought.

Use this template to cut a mask out of red paper. I made mine a bit larger than the template I printed. Fold and secure with glue.

Next, sketch and cut out the "horns."

I decided to attach these with staples but will cover the staples with duct tape circles to protect their heads.

Using whatever you have lying around, cut two circles out of duct tape using the self-healing mat technique.

Next, we're making the eye cutout: just trace the shape on a piece of white card stock and cut out.

Trace small circles for the black eyes with a line in between.

I always try to use a person to figure out where eyeholes go by having them put the mask on and drawing a small hole where their eyes are. Cut out the eyes in the red part of the mask a bit bigger than the eyeholes in the white part.

I punched small holes behind the ears and reinforced with a bit of duct tape for the elastic string.

For the white Baymax, just repeat the steps for the mask using white card stock and draw the eyes right on. You could stuff a shirt with a pillow for some extra padding.

Hairy Baby! (Have you seen the Big Hero 6 trailer?)