12 Fun Ways to Make That Slime You Are Seeing All Over Social Media

If your kid has gotten into slime, chances are you've been buying out the glue section at your local Target in recent weeks. If your kid hasn't gotten into it yet, don't worry — it's coming. The DIY slime craze is sweeping households all over the US because as it turns out, slime is really easy to make.

Here's what you need:

  • Glue (white, clear, glitter, etc.)
  • Food coloring (or acrylic paint)
  • Borax (or baking soda)
  • Water
  • Tupperware (preferably something you don't plan on putting food in ever again)
  • Styrofoam balls (optional, to make "floam")

To make the slime, simply mix half a bottle of glue with a drop or two of food coloring (optional step, but a fun one), then add a fourth cup of water until mixed completely. In a separate cup make your "activator" — a cup of water and a teaspoon of Borax or two cups of water and a fourth cup of baking soda — then add 2 teaspoons of the activator to your slime mix and knead together until it stops being sticky (well, less sticky). If you want to make "floam," you can mix in some styrofoam beads.

And there you have it folks: the latest trend you'll lose your kids — and couch, and carpets, and clothes — to. Scroll through with your little ones for some inspirational videos; if they're going to make this stuff all day, every day from now until the next trend comes along, at least help them make something cool!


Cotton Candy Slime

Three individual pieces of white slime with yellow, blue, and red food coloring swirled together.


Acrylic Paint Slime

White slime with acrylic paint.


Hologram Slime

Clear slime with metallic silver glitter.


Funfetti Slime

White slime with pastel sparkles.


Colored Floam

Blue slime with styrofoam balls.


Tricolor Floam With Glitter

Three slime colors with matching dyed styrofoam balls and glitter.


Unicorn Slime

White or pastel slime with glitter, chunky sparkles, and plastic beads.


Macaroni and Cheese Slime

Yellow slime with yellow plastic beads.


Colored Metallic Slime

Colored clear slime with metallic glitter.


Chunky Glitter Floam

Colored slime with mini styrofoam balls and chunky glitter.


Golden Snitch Slime

Clear slime with gold metallic powder.


Fairy Floam

White slime with styrofoam balls and neon/pastel glitter shapes.