Drew Barrymore is Passionately Teaching Her Daughters the Importance of Voting

As the mother of two daughters, Drew Barrymore knows that this election is a monumental one, but she isn't letting the magnitude of the possibility of our first female president distract from her general get out the vote message. Thirteen years ago, feeling disenfranchised and unsure of her place in the electoral process, Drew set out to uncover what compels Americans to vote. The result was her directorial debut, a documentary called The Best Place to Start. The 45-minute film is as relevant today as it was during the 2004 election.

"I felt lost all over again with the negativity and vitriol of this election," Drew told POPSUGAR at the launch of her new collection with Shutterfly on Thursday night. "I just wanted to go look at it and see if it applies at all to now and it does because it's not about a party, it's not about a candidate. It's just about me trying to learn why voting is important and then becoming a person who will vote for the rest of my life."

It's a lesson that she intends to instill in her daughters, Olive, 4, and Frankie, 2, from the outset. "I will talk about it . . . I already do talk about it with my kids," she passionately explained. "I took them to the polling places. I let them wear my 'I Voted' stickers." By letting her girls see how important it is to her, Drew believes that the girls will grow up knowing the power of their vote. "They go with me so they get what I'm doing. I get all excited about it and make it animated and fun. We will sit around the table and talk about it."

But the historic nature of the 2016 race is not lost on this mother of daughters. "I've talked to them about it a lot," she says. "The feminine aspects of empowerment." And while she's likely talked with them about her personal ballot choice, Drew doesn't intend to discuss it publicly. "I don't want to talk about candidate or party because you immediately get into a debate and all I want to talk about is why voting is important. I don't want to argue with people," she adds. "To talk with people about the compelling passion that burns inside of you and makes you go and do something for the rest of your life, consistently, that I love to talk about.

As for after the election, the holidays can't come soon enough for Drew and her girls. The busy mama revealed that she's spending the holidays with her ex-husband, Will Kopelman, and already has their heartfelt gifts completed and ready to go. "Everybody's Christmas presents this year are six amazing Shutterfly books I've made for each member of the family," she shared. "For me, it's creating 2.0 family albums because it's a lost art and it was so much a part of the way I grew up. You would have to do those clear plastic pages over your pictures, but they were just so awesome and I wanted my kids to have them."

See Drew's entire documentary below.

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