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Drive-By Baby Shower Ideas

Social Distancing Won't Stop These Parents-to-Be From Having a Baby Shower

Practicing proper social distancing right now is important for everyone, but especially for pregnant women who are taking the utmost care of their health. Unfortunately, that means baby showers — which are typically a really exciting celebration for families — have to take on a bit of a different look. But you don't have to forgo them completely! Brilliant families everywhere have started drive-by baby showers that are perfect for social distancing. They're exactly what they sound like — friends and family drive by the mom-to-be's home and celebrate her with cheers, well wishes, and gifts. This way everyone can keep proper distance but still celebrate this joyous time. If you have a baby on the way and are reconsidering your baby shower, we have some suggestions for how to do it drive-by style in the gallery ahead. Just make sure to also take the necessary precautions with any gifts your loved ones bring you, just in case!

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