Dwayne Johnson's Sweet Post About Doing His Daughter's Hair Makes Me Want to Call My Dad

As a kid, I knew the fear of having someone else brush my hair firsthand. My hair was always long, up until my preteen years, and it would take a lot of detangling spray (and bribery) to get a comb through it. My dad, however, made it his personal quest to become my at-home stylist — much like Dwayne Johnson is doing at his house. In a recent Instagram post, Dwayne shared a couple of cute photos with his 2-year-old daughter, Tiana. Even though there's a panicked look on her face, Dwayne reassured fans he's got a handle on Tiana's hair.

"Now despite my two year old looking completely TERRIFIED for her life that daddy is solely responsible for getting all the painful tangles out of her hair," Dwayne captioned the photos. "Scroll left and you'll see the calming energy, exceptional hair skills and extraordinary patience that daddy aka mr golden hands puts on full display." He continued, "I may be bald but I know a thing or two about hair. Mainly because I wish I had it." OK, now I'm laughing out loud. Thanks for the chuckles, Dwayne, and for the sentimental moment. I think I'll go text my dad now.