Today Host Dylan Dreyer Shared That She's Struggling With Secondary Infertility So Others Feel Less Alone

Although there's been loads of good news over at Today between Hoda Kotb's adoption news and Jenna Bush Hager's recent pregnancy announcement, meteorologist and third-hour host Dylan Dreyer opened up about her experience with miscarriage and secondary infertility, when a woman is unable to conceive or carry a child to full-term after already having a baby.

Despite the fact that getting pregnant was easy enough with her 2-year-old son Calvin, after trying for a second baby for six months, the 37-year-old mom and her husband Brian Fichera didn't have the same luck while trying to conceive. She went to her doctor and learned that not only did she have a low egg count, but she also had scarring on two-thirds of her uterus, which required surgery.

"You can't have a baby in those kind of conditions," she explained. "So he says, 'We need to have a surgery.' He goes in, clears out the scar tissue and we get pregnant like that. I had the pregnancy test sitting right over here and I said, 'Brian can you hand me that.' And he sees the pregnancy test and it's positive. And he's like, 'Get out!' and he runs over to me. It's the moment you wait for."

Sadly, the pregnancy did not last. After waking up with bleeding five weeks later, Dylan made several doctors appointments and was eventually told she lost the baby. Brian was there to comfort her during the trying time. "I said, 'I think I lost the baby,' and the first thing he said to me is, 'You didn't lose the baby. It's your body doing what it needs to do. You didn't do anything wrong.' He's so supportive."

Now, Dylan and Brian are making plans to undergo IVF in the hopes of having a second baby. "I am blessed with the family that I have, but going through a miscarriage and not knowing what the future holds is emotional," said Dylan. "And I just wanted people to know that I'm going through it, too." And although Dylan has had a different fertility experience than her co-hosts, she's still thrilled for Jenna. "My sadness doesn't take away from anyone else's happiness and my sadness isn't minimized because someone else has a sadder situation," she explained.