You Won't Know Whether to Laugh or Cry Over These 26 Embarrassing Pregnancy Stories

Losing some control of your body comes with the territory when you're pregnant. Between the sneezes that make you pee to your mattress or toilet seat literally cracking under the pressure, sometimes there's nothing you can do about these pregnancy "joys." If you've ever had a regrettable experience thanks to your baby bump, take comfort in knowing that you're not alone. These 26 moms got real about their most cringe-worthy pregnancy moments as proof that you deserve a good laugh for going through all of this — even if you accidentally farted on your husband.

  1. "I pulled over to the side of the road to throw up one night on my way home from work when I was 12 weeks pregnant. A cop pulled up behind me and I had to convince him that I was pregnant, not intoxicated!" — Taylor Timms
  2. "I was at the grocery store with my daughter in tow and it was evidently senior citizen day! A nice elderly woman behind us asked my spunky girl if mommy was having a boy or girl. Her response, 'We don't know but if it's a boy, we are going to name him Dumptruck Penis and if it's a girl, she'll be Jessie Vagina.'" — Jennifer DiFilippo Martin
  3. "While running to the [store's] bathroom puking and swallowing, I opened the door and puked all over this poor teenager coming out. I couldn't even apologize since I was barfing so hard. The poor kid just cried." — Missa Andrew
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  1. "First child: I broke our toilet seat when I sat down. Second child: When I picked [my son up] in my arms, he stuck his hands down my shirt and told his teacher that my boobs are much bigger now and more comfy to sleep on." — Lindsay LoConte
  2. "I was the only pregnant girl in the whole school. During a biology class, the teacher said something along the lines of 'not being stupid, like this one over her'" and pointed at me. The whole class laughed and I ran out crying." — Nikki Rousos
  3. "When I was pregnant with my first child, I was constipated so badly. I had just gotten out of the shower and was bending down to dry my legs and He kicked HARD. And let's say I wasn't constipated anymore. The worst part was my ex husband opened up the door to talk to me the second before everything happened." — Sherri Lynn Cummins-Schaefer

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  1. "Pregnancy brings out my being lactose intolerant. I had my morning coffee with cream and went about my day when my hubby thought it would be fun to have sex. We started and I sh*t all over him." — Hope Zidan-Caron
  2. "When I was prego with my second child, I had a bowel movement while sleeping. I dreamed that I was on the toilet doing my business and..." — Linda Clubine Bloodworth
  3. "I had a lot of gas and farted mid 'adult time' with my significant other... He farted back to make me feel better." — Joslynn R'Little
  4. "When I went to do my three hour sugar test, I knew it was a bad idea. Shortly after drinking that nasty warm orange sugar drink they give you, I started feeling nauseous. Before I could grab a trashcan, it started to come back up. It was like an explosion of vomit all over my face in a waiting room of people." — Deana Morris

  1. "The morning of my ultrasound, I'm sitting in the waiting room, and I start to feel like I was going to throw up. I make it to the bathroom in time, but since I had to have a full bladder (for the ultrasound), I peed all over myself and the floor of the bathroom stall. They called my turn as I was in there, so I went ahead and had the ultrasound done. I was wet, cold, and miserably embarrassed." — Heather Herrin Kreitzman
  2. " I had this terrible itch where the sun don't shine and was running for a taxi at the same time. When I was more settled, my hubby told me, 'That was nasty my dear ... everybody were starring at you.'" — Budi Mummy Shrestha
  3. "With my second child, I was sitting in the bathtub trying to shave my legs. Well my belly was so big that with one stroke, I shaved my belly button instead!" — Kristina Lynn Stewart

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  1. "I bent down to get a book off of the shelf and my trousers ripped apart — in the public library where it's nice and quite and the rip was quite literally a ripper!" — Tammy Burden
  2. "I got a spray tan towards the end and was at the point where I had a hard time holding my bladder. I peed during my spray tan on the floor! Streaks all down my legs!" — Amy Simmons
  3. "I used to work as a wine waitress at a hotel. Walking between the tight tables with one hand behind my back and the other holding the tray with a bottle of wine, my bump hit the back of a bald guy's head, and the bottle fell into his lap. I wasn't allowed in the restaurant after that." — Kirsty Lauren Breeze

  1. "I went to the grocery store and didn't realize the whole time I was there, the back of my skirt was tucked in the waist band with my rear end hanging out. No one told me and I didn't notice until I got home." — Meredith Thomas Hutchinson
  2. "When I was pregnant with my son, I was changing my daughter's nappy and vomited on her legs at a park." — Nikita Clarke Hitchens
  3. "I had a customer point out in front of other customers that my belly button was sticking out. It doesn't sound that bad but it was seriously awkward." — JamieLee J. Trawicki
  4. "Heavily pregnant and in my friend's car, I started to feel faint, pains, and then wetness. Convinced that I was in labor, I rang the husband and up to the hospital we went. Nope. I had just peed myself in her ca— Yvonne Halpin

  1. "I was still in high school and leaned against the desk in one of my classes. When I stood up, one whole side of my shirt was soaked from leaking and some guy in class pointed it out in front of everyone!" — Stier HalleyCharity
  2. "I wore two very different shoes to work for quite a while before I went to the restroom and noticed, to my horror." — Jenna Patterson Smith
  3. "I got stuck in a bathtub about two weeks before I gave birth to my oldest. I was stuck in there for over three hours." — Jennifer Singleton
  4. "I peed and farted while my husband was helping me put on my pajama bottoms." — Illiana Rosario-Urban
  5. "I farted in front of my boss." — Holly Gregory
  6. "My oldest threw up — a ton — in his car seat just before we got home. While trying to get him out and help clean up, I couldn't handle it and started throwing up in the parking lot. I was throwing up so hard that I also peed my pants. Then I started laughing hysterically/crying because there was nothing else I could do." — Lyndsy Chavarria