Finally, a Baby-Safe Mineral Sunscreen I'm Even Excited to Slather On

POPSUGAR Photography | Angela Elias
POPSUGAR Photography | Angela Elias
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Finding a non-nano zinc-oxide sunscreen that's safe enough for your 6-month-old but glides on like a luxury skin-care product without leaving a ghostly white cast is a tall order, but Ever Eden's Premium Mineral Sunscreen ($22) checks all of the boxes. Developed by a team of moms with stellar medical credentials, the sunscreen's formula keeps babies' extra-thin and highly sensitive skin top of mind.

Why It's a Safe Sunscreen Option For Babies

The Environmental Working Group's list of safe sunscreen options for babies and kids is dominated by sunscreens with active mineral ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, so finding a quality mineral sunscreen has been a priority in my search. While a large number of studies haven't been able to find evidence that zinc-oxide and titanium-dioxide nanoparticles can penetrate the skin in significant amounts, there also isn't enough research to understand how they could harm cells and organs if they do make it into our bodies.

On Ever Eden's website, their chief scientific officer, Dr. Joyce Teng, who also serves as the head of pediatric dermatology at Stanford Medical School, points out a few things about baby skin that parents should be mindful of when researching skin-care products. "It's very, very thin, so anything applied to the surface can go through it very easily. It's also very, very sensitive. And finally, babies are small, so what we call the 'body surface to weight ratio' is actually much higher than adults. Meaning they're more likely to absorb whatever's put on their skin. Those three factors are what make us really pay attention to the ingredients of what should and should not be in skin-care products designed for the most fragile skin." In fact, every ingredient in Ever Eden's sunscreen is clearly listed, along with an EWG score measuring the safety of each ingredient. (All are categorized as having high safety scores.)

The sheer formula glides on easily and absorbs well, so I don't have to spend an eternity rubbing down my squirming kids.

It Looks, Feels, and Smells Great

Despite its 100 percent non-nano, mineral-based makeup, I love that the sheer formula glides on easily and absorbs well, so I don't have to spend an eternity rubbing down my squirming kids. Even my 5-year-old can finish the job of massaging it into his skin without leaving white streaks. The jojoba-and-sunflower-seed oil also keeps our skin nourished and moisturized without feeling heavy and greasy.

The Broad-spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30 protection makes it ideal for outside play, but you'll want to use a water-resistant sunscreen if swimming is on the agenda. The natural cucumber scent also gives off subtle spa vibes, but what's even more luxurious is only having to carry one tube of sunscreen for the entire family.