Why This Expecting Mother Photoshopped Her Husband Into Her Maternity Shoot Will Make You Sob

Shanna Logan, a photographer from Pennsylvania, got the chance to work on a touching project when she was asked to photoshop a woman's late husband into her maternity shoot. Logan was moved by the results, which are both gorgeous and devastating at the same time.

"Amanda Snyder lost her husband, Jesse Wayne Snyder, who passed while she was pregnant with their son," wrote Logan. "She was in the middle of moving, big life changes, and about to deliver her precious baby boy very soon. We did the shoot in remembrance of him."

Although Snyder was completely blindsided by her husband's death, she decided to celebrate her first pregnancy as if he was right by her side all along.

"Amanda, you are strong, amazing, and you're going to be the best momma to that little boy," said Logan. "Jesse will always be watching over you and be by you and your son's side."