This 300-Square-Foot Tiny Home Is Perfect For This Family of 3, and We Wish There Was Room For Us!

Bela Fishbeyn
Bela Fishbeyn

After renting a cottage in the San Francisco Bay Area, Bela Fishbeyn and her husband, Spencer, were looking to make a change. When their landlord raised the price on their already-$2,300-per-month rental home, they officially made the switch to tiny-house living. Even with the challenge of having their beautiful 2-year-old daughter Escher in tow, Bela admits she's never looked back.

"Shortly after moving out, we decided to grow our family and we took a fresh look at different strategies for housing," Bela told POPSUGAR. "We wanted a space that was our own, one that we could feel comfortable adding to and customizing. We wanted a home that would inspire us and facilitate good habits."

As a family of travelers, Bela and Spencer knew they wanted to live in a home that was well-made with a ton of character. However, these types of homes can be pricey, so the couple sprung for a 300-foot tiny home with all the bells and whistles.

"It was the perfect way for us to have everything we wanted out of a home at a fraction of the cost."

"We live very nomadically and spend a lot of time every year living in other places," explained Bela. "We wanted to use our house as a vacation rental while we traveled, to share it with other people and as a little side-hustle for us. So we designed the house to offer a unique living experience, something that people could view as a space for personal retreat. All of this added up to a tiny house. It was the perfect way for us to have everything we wanted out of a home at a fraction of the cost."

Scroll through to get a peek at how this family of three makes this uniquely gorgeous — and unbelievably functional — space work for them.

Although Bela and Spencer knew moving a child into a tiny home would come with some challenges, they encouraged each other to think of tiny house living as a lifestyle, not just a place to rest your head at night.

"We think that lifestyle begins with your environment," explained Bela. "If you want to understand your behavior or happiness, first look at your surroundings."

"We actually wanted to have a small, highly conscientious space to raise our new baby in," said Bela. "We wanted our home to be intentional but low-maintenance so that we could focus on being a family together and let learning happen naturally in that tight-knit social setting."

For this family, a key to a happy home life was plenty of functional outdoor space. Escher has room to run around and Spencer can man the grill. Oh, and did we mention this seems like the perfect entertaining space?

"We love to host parties and gatherings at the house and try to do at least one every month when we're in town," said Bela. "When you raise the garage door, it opens up to a huge deck with a wide view of the Santa Cruz Mountains and creates the perfect indoor-outdoor space for everyone to comingle. Escher's a little party animal so she's a big fan of this lifestyle."

As any on-the-go family knows, having a functional kitchen is absolutely paramount to ensuring your ship runs smoothly. This concept was particularly important to Spencer, who used to work as a chef.

"A top-notch kitchen was a must for that reason," said Bela. "At the same time, we prefer to keep our meals very simple and focus on enjoying the intrinsic richness of high-quality foods. He thinks that most of your concentration should go toward pan roasting or grilling one item perfectly, allowing everything else to support that one item."

High-end appliances give this small space an extra level of luxury.

Bela and Spencer knew the importance of making the most of every square inch. Just look at this built-in table that makes for even more storage. It's all about those simple touches.

Belathee for CupofJo

Making ample use of high shelves is great if you have a toddler running around. Just stow all your breakable items — hello, wine glasses! — out of reach, and the problem's solved.

When it comes to actual meal prep, Spencer does everything in his power to keep it down to one pan.

"Spencer almost always keeps the cooking to one pan, and insists on cooking AND cleaning," explained Bela. "He thinks this keeps his skin in the game: when you know you have to clean up, you're incentivized to clean as you go and not make any messes!"

Bela Fishbeyn

It seems likes there's plenty of room for three in their kitchen, even with a farmhouse sink!

Curtains made from light fabric and simple artwork give the main living space an airy feel.

Keeping their confined living area orderly is a top priority, especially with a little kid in tow. To combat mess, Spencer and Bela have taken a minimalist approach in terms of what they own, but it's not without challenges.

"I think the biggest challenge of living in a tiny house and raising kids on top of it is that you have very little margin for error," said Bela. "If you make a mess, you'll see it immediately. If you don't manage your toy influx, they'll quickly overtake the whole house. Living well isn't an option anymore; you're forced to either live well or live terribly."

Timeless mounted lighting means no end tables are necessary and a gigantic bay window really pulls in the light in the master bedroom. The Fishbeyns added corner shelves for even more storage.

After struggling to cosleep with Escher during infancy, Bela and Spencer knew their daughter needed her own space, but there was one problem: most tiny homes at the time had completely open floor plans, so they needed to get creative by making a loft space.

"We designed Escher's room as an L-shaped loft above our bathroom," said Bela. "While the room has a smaller square footage with this design than a traditional loft, it actually offers more practical value and perceptual space. Her bed is private and peaceful with three walls and a curtain and she has a natural play space just in front of that. It's the perfect size for her and we love that we are automatically on her level when we're up there with her."

To keep the space bright and lively, Bela brings a little bit of nature inside by adding vases of fresh greenery to her windowsills.

The modern blue color makes for a gorgeous backdrop when matched with gold fixtures. The deep sink adds a luxurious touch, and of course, they left room for valuable built-in storage.

And seriously, that view makes everything seem completely worth it.