How 1 Mom Was Able to Feel Her Babies Kick Through Her Surrogate Will Bring You to Tears

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For some moms, carrying their own children is not an option, but Huggies is letting those moms feel the movements of their babies inside their surrogates with this groundbreaking device. Sharde is a five-year cancer survivor and Antoinette is carrying her twin baby girls, but she feels that she's missing out on the mother-daughter connection of feeling her babies kick and move inside of her.

"I did always imagine that I would be pregnant, you know, experiencing the kicks and morning sickness or the different food cravings, but that didn't happen," Sharde said in the video.

But in honor of National Hugging Day on Jan. 21, the company strapped the "Hug Belt" onto Sharde and her surrogate so that she could experience her babies' movements for the first time, and it is truly amazing. According to the Huggies website, the Hug Belt was first used on a group of dads on Father's Day, and Sharde is the first mother unable to carry her own child who has worn the belt.

Watch the tear-jerking video above, and find out more about the Hug Belt here.