Instead of Cake Smashes, 2 Little Ones Chowed Down on Doughnuts in Adorable Photoshoots

Lyndsey Wright
Lyndsey Wright

As a weirdo who doesn't particularly like sweets, it's definitely odd that no matter what, I can't pass up a doughnut (especially strawberry frosted with sprinkles). Apparently neither can these two little ones, Dallas and Iris, who both had "doughnut smash" photoshoots for their first birthdays instead of the traditional cake smash. Lyndsey Wright, photographer at Lyndsey's PhotoCo, captured both frosting-filled sessions, and they're too cute for words.

Both Iris and Dallas are the children of Lyndsey's closest friends, so both sets of parents trusted her judgment when she suggested that doughnuts would be so much cuter to smash than cake. After Dallas's chocolate doughnut smash in December of 2015, Iris's mom brought her into Lyndsey's studio for a strawberry doughnut smash the following January. "Amanda walked in with the pink doughnuts and the gold banner and I about died!" Lyndsey told POPSUGAR Moms.

Lyndsey is no stranger to smash photoshoots involving foods aside from cake. Recently, her idea to do a "taco smash" came to fruition, and the photographer hopes that more exciting shoots will be in her future. "Iris is about to be a big sister," she said. "So hopefully we can think of something equally as adorable for her baby brother's one year session!"

Scroll through to see some of the most adorable photos from both photoshoots.