The Difference Between 1 Mom's Single and Twin Baby-Bump Photos Isn't at All What You're Expecting

Every pregnancy is different, even pregnancies of the same woman. No one knows that better than Sophie Guildolin, an Australian mother of four who posted two photos of herself on Instagram.

In the one on the left, she was pregnant with one baby. In the one on the right, taken seven years later, she's pregnant with twins. The double-take moment? Both photos were snapped at the same week of gestation, but the twin bump looks smaller.

"How crazy is that for a comparison?!" she captioned the split image. "I love a big baby bump as much as the next person, however how I felt is the crazy comparison for me . . . in the first photo my nutrition was so poor and my recovery was really long. With the twins, my nutrition knowledge was so much better so I knew how to nourish my body β€” and babies! β€” to assist with pregnancy and my body's recovery post-partum."

Sophie, who now has her own fitness business, added that the photos reminded her of how blessed she was to "experience a fit, active and healthy pregnancy" following her first two, far more typical pregnancies.

This is only the latest social media posting to tout the benefits of ultrafit pregnancies β€” do you think it's a message more women need to hear?