Fourth Grade Muslim Girl Writes a Powerful Letter to Donald Trump

Like a lot women, Sakeena Ahmed had a lot of questions before the election. And as a fourth grade Muslim girl, Sakeena channeled her confusion in a heartfelt letter to Donald Trump. Her mother, Aamina Ali-Ahmed, shared her daughter's letter on Facebook, where she talks about Islamophobia in the United States and how Trump has fueled that fear.

"My daughter was complaining about Trump saying this and that one day. She was very upset at how he was making people feel about Muslims, asking me 'why does he say Muslims are like this? Why doesn't he find out more?'" Aamina wrote on Facebook, explaining how she encouraged her daughter to write her thoughts on paper.

Sakeena wrote the note before election night, but her heartfelt letter is more relevant than ever right now. "Being Muslim is a little difficult. My mom wears a scarf around her head. I go to the store and people just look at me. Imagine if everybody hated your religion," she wrote. At 10 years old, Sakeena is wise beyond her years and her note speaks for so many people in this country. "I mean, like, aren't we all human?! If that was you, would that hurt your feelings?!" she asked.

"You are saying we are mean and cruel, but we are not! We are nice and giving! You are saying we are terrorists. We definitely don't do anything that you say we do. My dad is a doctor. This is proof we are good! We are not bad. We want peace just like you!" she writes. The brilliant young girl also asks Trump to show her how he can make America great again. She closes her letter, telling Trump her one wish: "I am 10 years old. My only wish for you [is for you] to be good. And I hope this letter does make you good."

We hope so too, Sakeena.