These 30 Random Halloween Costume Requests Show How Hysterical Kids Actually Are

For many parents, if their child asks to be something for Halloween — no matter how ambitious or random — they will figure out a way to make it happen. Although some moms and dads tire of their kids wanting to dress up as a princess or superhero year after year, other parents are left dumbfounded by their child's out-of-the-box request. From the kids who appreciate potty humor and dream of going as a fart, butt, or poop, to the little ones who find inspiration in a flat tire or a cement mixer, some children give their parents more of a challenge. These 30 real parents shared the most unusual (and very serious!) costume requests they've had to field from their creative little ones.

  1. "My oldest wanted to be a refrigerator one year. Made that costume with food and all and a cookie jar to cover his head." — Holly
  2. "An avocado!" — Kathryn
  3. "A whore ... he meant to say horror!" — Michelle
  4. "My 3-year-old wants to be a butt." — Katie
  5. "My son who was 4 at the time asked to go as Gene Simmons. He was a very popular kid that night." — Morgan
  6. "My 7-year-old son asked to be bok choy." — Jamie
  7. "A booger." — Sara
  8. "My now-8-year-old wanted to be a Lego Hagrid." — Toni
  9. "My son wants to be an 'Andrewsarchus' for Halloween which is a prehistoric hyena-looking animal." — Peria
  10. "Jake from State Farm." — Syl
  11. "My youngest was an orange traffic cone when he was 3 years old." — Holly
  12. "When my daughter was 2 years old, she wanted to be rain. Yes, I made it happen." — Felicia
  13. "We just had a baby and of course our 5-year-old wants to be a baby!" — Nicole
  14. "A blanket . . . she was 3 years old at the time." — Stephanie
  15. "My 3-year-old daughter wanted to be a walnut!" — Dana
  16. "I will never forget the year [my daughter] wanted to go as a dog — dressed up as a pumpkin." — Kate
  17. "When my oldest was 10 years old, he dressed up as a PlayStation 3." — Angelena
  18. "My son was a shadow last year . . . " — Angie
  19. "He wanted to be 'Happy Birthday' for Halloween." — Shelby
  20. "My son wants to be a cement mixer this year." — Becky
  21. "A storm trooper autumn fairy." — Brandee
  22. "My almost 7-year-old has already decided that this year he wants to go as poop. 💩 Such a proud parenting moment . . . Sigh . . ." — Leslie
  23. "Her dad. 😂" — Parisa
  24. "A dill pickle." — Vickie
  25. "A giant eyeball." — Lucinda
  26. "Elton John." — Tara
  27. "My daughter wants to be a corn dog this year." — Jill
  28. "My 3-year-old daughter wanted to be a rock." — Elva
  29. "My daughter was a marshmallow." — Michelle
  30. "A flat tire." — Randi