The Funniest Halloween Costume Ideas For Families With a Winning Sense of Humor

Instead of going the spooky route this Halloween, consider showing the world just how funny you and your family are by opting for a clever group costume. Getting the whole family involved in a coordinated look not only makes for great memories (and priceless photos years down the road!), but adding a pop of humor makes for even more smiles. With hilarious options like the perfect martini and Napoleon Dynamite, it's easy to show off your crew's priceless sense of humor this Halloween with a winning, coordinated ensemble. Check out these hysterical options that will have everyone laughing all night long.

Dunkin' Donuts

Sushi Family

The Martini Family

A Family of Artists

The Goonies

The Stick Figure Family


Gilligan's Island

The Simpsons

Ariel, Sebastian, and a Chef

Cops and Robbers

Computer Geeks