This Twerking Basketball Fan Gets Caught on the Jumbotron, Wins Our Hearts

When the Kings win and it's Friday tomorrow...
Posted by Sacramento Kings on Thursday, October 8, 2015

At a recent NBA game against the San Antonio Spurs, a young Sacramento Kings fan got caught on the big screen during a commercial break and did what he felt inspired to do: he danced. But he didn't just dance. He amazed.

In a video posted on Facebook by the Sacramento Kings, the effervescently moving kid is shown twerking, high-kicking, and getting low to the Flo Rida 2008 classic "Low" — all the while seriously upstaging his peers who stumble in and out of the frame. His dance skills also impress the commentators, one of whom hilariously proclaims, "He is in midseason form." He then adds, "Show 'em all off, all the moves."

Why don't we all just consider this his informal tryout for the Sacramento Kings dance team, OK?